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October 29, 2020

An epic journey based on transformation, featuring dance activations, sound healing, meditation and energy activations and 20 new earth evolutionaries, who are sharing higher technologies for the building of the new consciousness and a new earth! 

Reserve your seat now and learn how you can heal old patterns, addictions and trauma to accelerate new earth consciousness and activate your leadership to serve humanity..


Do you want to step into your power, by healing your deepest wounds once and for all, so that you can experience more joy, fulfillment and abundance? Are you ready to co-create with ease, feel empowered in spite of chaos? 

Here’s your ticket out of the matrix of your deepest wounds! You’ll learn  to activate a flow state of ease and empowerment, so that you can experience more of what you DO want and help heal the core wounds of humanity.


Rapidly reconfigure your brain and nervous system to shift your reality.

Get access to suppressed healing modalities that are coming to light to activate a flow state of ease and empowerment, so that you can experience more of what you DO want and help heal the core wounds of humanity.

Heal deep personal and ancestral wounds like shame, scarcity and fear, and begin enjoying the flow of life with more ease, joy and empowerment.

Keynote Speakers

The Cosmic Mama series has brought together doctors, scientists, coaches and healers, to share their wisdom in neuroscience, epigenetics, somatics and embodiment, psychedelic assisted therapy and wealth consciousness to help you rewire your brain and nervous system, heal your deepest wounds and answer the call to create a new planet.

These amazing way-showers will give you the tools, support and wisdom that you can integrate into your spiritual and physical body instantly. Join this life-changing 20-DAY LIVE virtual journey and shift towards new earth consciousness, healing, flow, power and abundance!

Here are some of the amazing panelists you’ll hear from:

Dr. Jeff McNairy

As the Chief Medical Officer at Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica, David will show you how to awaken your highest potential!

Richard Rudd

Author of Gene Keys, shares how you can embrace and unlock the higher purpose hidden in your DNA.

Elizabeth Wilcock

Hear from Elizabeth Wilcock, a mystic trail-blazer and creator of the Priestess Path Lineages of Light (with a special surprise visit from David Wilcock), and discover how sacred ceremony is so important for these times!

Dr. David Berceli

David shares trauma releasing exercises you can use instantly to shift from old energies and into the new!

Dr. Shamini Jain

Shamini, founder of The Consciousness and Healing Initiative teaches us about the science of biofield healing and how we can heal our energy!

Dr. Jinju Dasalla

Creator of Neurosomatic Flow and teacher of The Goddess Brain

Sofiah Thom

New paradigm leader and founder of Temple Body Arts

Rita Hraiz

Ageless Wisdom teacher, visionary artist and eco clothing designer

Corrina Steward

Former advisor to the UN, Wealth activation coach

Dr. Joseph Tafur

Author of The Fellowship of the River, Founder of Modern Spirit, dedicated to spiritual healing in healthcare


Miranda Dreyer, BSN, RN is the founder of Ascended Medicine and the creative visionary behind The Cosmic Mama Show.  She is an advocate for personal sovereignty and optimization of lived experience through trauma healing and an accelerator of New Earth Consciousness. She coaches multi-passionate doctors, nurses, coaches and healers to unveil and embody their spiritual gifts and authentic essence and to integrate these with their credentials to create trauma informed and integrative medical practices and online coaching empires that serve humanity. She is also an inpatient psychiatric RN on a locked unit in San Diego, CA, where she continues to serve part-time on the front lines of mental health because she enjoys working with underserved populations.

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