Day 22

First, do today’s activation:

New Earth message from 21st Century Oracle

Today’s activation is a channeled New Earth message from 21st Century Oracle Phoenix Na Gig. Don’t miss this journey into the new paradigm, it comes from deep within.

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Then, watch today’s expert interview:

Phoenix Na Gig

Birthing a new Earth with 21st Century Oracle

I offer clients and audiences channeled knowledge and Guidance from the Goddess, the Divine Mother from the intelligence of Gaia, she speaks to us through visions, her knowledge connects us with the natural world, personal and planetary awareness, multi-dimensional light beings, ancestors and star families.” ​ “I am gifted the ability to connect to this deep field and offer anyone wherever they were in the world, deep, profound and accurate guidance from the Goddess that impacts their lives holistically and inspires every area of their lives. She shows us that everything is connected by an invisible field of intelligence. She shows us where in our personal lives we are growing, evolving, she helps us shift, upgrade, reconnect and embody more passionately our true selves.” ​ Phoenix sees and hears this guidance in any gender, race, age and species. The feminine is the primal spirit, the aliveness and vibrancy that transcends gender, she is the dance of all life and she speaks to us through our heart, intuition, our right brain hemisphere in the language of the Goddess. ​ “I empower my clients to connect with their heart, listen to the voice of their own profound Inner Guidance, freeing and releasing blocks and patterns that have kept them stuck, so as they harness the power of their intuition and Feminine Wisdom, so that even after our sessions and ongoing into the future they feel like they have a wealth of guidance from the Goddess to rebirth into their fullness and support their lives.” ​ All her clients are utterly unique wayshowers and pioneers looking to access Guidance from a deeper source to inspire their own connection for their body, their loves, and their planet. “Life can be beautiful. I’m so blessed to have experienced some profound awakenings with the Divine Feminine after and through healing deep trauma and my old life of living with PTSD, from experiences in both childhood and adulthood. I also found healing after surgery in my womb, and later, miscarriage to have generated a really healthy and empowered cycle and deep Yoni love. I’ve awakened many magical gifts of the Feminine life force in my heart, body and soul through listening to the Goddess, Temple Dance, womb, earth, meditation, yoga and connecting with mother earth and the the Atlantic Ocean. My deepest love.” Phoenix holds traditional academic qualifications to Masters level. She has also worked as a Clinical Teaching Associate at the University of Oxford on a well-woman’s project to teach Medical Students and Junior Doctors a patient-centred approach to gynaecological examinations. She is now 3 Years Ongoing as a Course Guide Teacher – in Womb Cycle Embodiment – Birthing Sexual Sovereignty Module at Sofiah Thom of Temple Body Arts School, Costa Rica

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