Day 7

First, do today’s activation:

Soul Expression with Kiki Mason

Today’s activation is flow artist Kiki Mason’s Neurosomatic Flow soul expression piece. She inspires you to embrace your true essence, embody your highest self and live the life of your dreams. Watch and feel how flow based practices and intuitive movement invite you to live life as a ceremony, guided by your own innate wisdom. 

Grab her free Kuan Yin meditation on her website,

Then, watch today’s expert interview:

Justin Faerman + Jackie Knechtel

Reprogram your Reality by Mastering Flow States

Justin Faerman and Jackie Knechtel are pioneers in the art and science of living in flow consciousness. They run high-level training programs worldwide teaching people from all walks of life how to bring their lives and businesses fully into flow and create exponential growth and success from a place of effortlessness and ease. After years spent doing deep research into the nature of reality and the mechanics of consciousness with a focus on expanding human potential, they formed the Flow Consciousness Institute to bring their findings to the world. Their work has been covered in Fast Company and Forbes magazine and they currently travel the globe conducting research and hold talks, workshops and trainings on living in ongoing states of flow, applying intuition in life and business and creating success without the hustle and grind. Learn more at

Justin & Jackie’s FREE Gift

Free Masterclass Training: The 3 Keys To Living In Flow

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